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3 Best Minoxidil Alternatives

Being an FDA approved product, Minoxidil is widely used by men and women for hair growth. You can get it as an over-the-counter prescription product and use it to treat hair loss.

It is an Hair Stimulation product and it Increase Blood flow on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Even though Minoxidil can induce hair growth, it cannot prevent reducing hairline. Hair fall will continue if you stop using it as Rogaine.

A better alternative needed to cure male pattern baldness and hair loss. Is there a better alternative to Minoxidil? Can you find a natural cure to prevent further hair loss? Continue reading to find reliable answers.

How does Minoxidil work to stimulate hair growth?

It is a vasodilator product. It ensures more blood is supplied to the affected region on your scalp so that new hair follicles can emerge.

Millions of people are facing male pattern baldness issue. It occurs mainly due to sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It gets attached to hair follicles and causes skin irritation in the scalp. It eventually leads to increased hair loss.

Hair growth cycle reduces due to the increased production of DHT hormone in the body. Your hairs will get thinner and soon there will be no hair on your scalp!

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Blood vessels, which link to hair follicles, get thinner when the problem occurs. It causes the reduced supply of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. Consequently, hairs get weaker and fall easily.

Minoxidil quickly boosts blood circulation in the scalp by widening blood vessels in the applied region. That’s why it is known as a vasodilator product. It revives hair follicles and induces hair growth.

Minoxidil was used as an oral prescription in the 70s to treat hypertension and high blood pressure issues. Many patients suffered from side-effects, which included abnormal growth of thick hair.

FDA approved 2% topical Minoxidil solution as a hair growth product in 1986. Men, who applied it, experienced positive results in a few months. Thus, Minoxidil became a popular cure for male pattern baldness and hair thinning.

It works effectively until the user applies this product. Hairs start falling again if you stop using Minoxidil. Many users have experienced faster hair loss after discontinuing the use of this product. Therefore, the demands for better alternatives increased.

Today, many people are searching for natural and reliable alternatives. There are some promising cures, which can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. So, Minoxidil is not the only reliable solution!

Minoxidil alternatives

This medicine has been a popular cure to improve hair growth, but it isn’t the only solution. You get other options to choose from. Those options are as follows:

DHT blockers

DHT sensitivity can cause androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Therefore, DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is often featured as a harmful hormone by hair loss experts. DHT blockers can reduce or block the production of this hormone to increase hair growth.

You should not consider DHT the key cause of AGA. It certainly makes the condition worse, but it’s not the cause of male pattern baldness. DHT is quite essential to live a happy life as a healthy man!

It is an androgen sex steroid and hormone. The development of secondary male sexual characteristics depends on DHT. It is essential for voice deepening, the descent of your testes, facial hair growth, and for other male properties.

Suppose you reduce or block DHT production, it will increase hair growth. This cure will not be limited to hair growth. It will also affect your other bodily activities. You won’t like adverse effects if you are a man. Therefore, you should try a safer way of using DHT blockers.

The best way to reduce the side-effects of DHT blockers is by applying it externally. Get a DHT blocker serum or oil to apply on the affected areas on your scalp. It will only target hair follicles and it won’t affect other biological processes.

One thing you should remember before using DHT blockers is that these are not FDA approved products. People use them as a natural home remedy. The following DHT blockers considered safe to stimulate hair growth.

  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Ecklonia Cava
  • Saw Palmetto

Pumpkin seed oil may take up to six months to show positive results. Your hairs will get thicker and denser due to regular use of this oil. Reishi mushroom is also an effective cure against the 5-Alpha reductase, which boosts the production of DHT hormone in the body.

Try these natural DHT blockers to experience positive results. It will take time to show a positive outcome, but these blockers work equally well as Minoxidil.

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  • Blood circulation boosters

Reduced blood circulation in the scalp is believed to be one of the main causes of hair loss. You can boost hair growth if you take blood circulation boosters. This type of supplement is also a great alternative to Minoxidil.

Most of the people experience male pattern baldness due to increased scalp tension. It is the main culprit behind all your problems. Scalp tension can cause an inflammatory response in hair follicles if it gets chronic!

Your body will respond by sending anti-inflammatories like DHT to prevent inflammation. It is not good for people sensitive to DHT. This hormone will miniaturize hair follicles, prevent their growth, and ultimately hair follicles will vanish.

Some experts have concluded hair follicles die because DHT floods in the scalp. Things are not that simple because hair follicles vanish due to poor blood circulation.

Hair follicles do not receive ample oxygen and nutrients due to poor blood flow. As a result, new hairs do not grow during the miniaturization process and vanish completely.

Hair follicles get weaker over time due to the lack of supply of oxygen and nutrients through the blood. Increased blood circulation in the scalp may not prevent male pattern baldness, but it will keep hair follicles alive.

Therefore, blood circulation boosters are considered great alternatives to Minoxidil. Simple cures like microneedling and scalp massage can do the trick. You can also try inversion therapy to supply more blood to your hair follicles.

  • Scalp tension reducers

As discussed earlier, scalp tension is a major culprit in male pattern baldness. Experts believe it is one of the main causes of the androgenic alopecia issue.

When the top-most layer (Galea) of your scalp experience chronic tension, it is called scalp tension. This layer stays connected to other muscles on the edge, such as occipital, frontal, external auricular, and temporal.

An inflammatory response is triggered in androgen-sensitive areas when these muscles contract. These are the same areas where male pattern baldness affects the most!

Increased scalp tension causes inflammation at the hair follicles. Your hair follicles will miniaturize as a result and this condition will eventually stop hair growth.

You should take scalp massage and do some scalp exercises to reduce scalp tension. Use hair follicle nourishing oils for the massage. Thus, you will stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall at the same time.

This cure will work way better than Minoxidil. Unfortunately, many people have no idea about what causes male pattern baldness. Therefore, they only rely on hair growth products and the problem gets worse.

Why you must switch to Minoxidil alternatives?

Minoxidil is a reliable treatment to prevent complete hair loss. Even though it prevents alopecia, it is not completely safe!

Most of the people experience local irritation like flaking, itching, and rashes after using this product. This medication does not offer sustainable results. Your hair will start falling again if you stop Minoxidil’s usage.

It is quite tough for any person to continue Minoxidil treatment. You may not always buy it from the local product store. Online stores may or may not provide a genuine product! This treatment will cost a lot of money and that’s why it is not a feasible solution.

Minoxidil alternatives on the other hand offer more sustainable solutions. You may have thought that you have tried everything, but you didn’t.

Did you know about scalp tension and poor blood circulation, which cause hair loss? You never tried to treat the root cause of the issue if you did not know about these issues. Now, you know how you can stimulate hair growth without using any product. So, go for it instead of using Minoxidil.

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Final thoughts

It is painful to see those long and shiny hairs vanishing from the scalp. It can cause unnecessary stress, even if you are a successful person. This problem has badly affected people’s self-confidence and productivity.

Most of the people switched to Minoxidil because they wanted to stop hair loss as soon as possible. It did not stop the hair loss but induced the growth of hair follicles.

People quickly learned that they can’t rely on Minoxidil forever. Therefore, new and better alternatives were needed. We have offered three more reliable and more effective alternatives to this product. Try those solutions if you want to make your hairs denser and stronger again.



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