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How Long Does RU58841 Takes to Work?

Just wait for a little, it will work- this is a very common saying with hair loss products. But often times you will find yourself waiting for long, that too without seeing any positive effects at all. This wait is frustrating and most people wonder just how long will it take for the hair product to finally work.

One such famous hair loss product is RU58841. It is said to be the best among other hair loss products.

But the question is – how fast does RU58841 show results?

If you don’t know the answer, then don’t worry, we are here to find out. But first, it’s important to know about RU58841 itself?

What is RU58841?

RU58841 is a Topical product that helps curb hair loss and encourages hair growth. But know that this isn’t a recent invention at all. The idea for it first came out in the year 1970 in France. After that, research for it began during the 1990s.

As a result of that, an anti-androgenic and non-steroidal compound was designed that was just locally applied. After that, it was tested on rats as well as hamsters and the results for that showed positive results.

The results showed that even 1 microgram dose of the compound yielded great results. Not to mention the fact that even at higher doses of it at around 100 micrograms, the results were limited to the local site it was used on.

So it was reliably concluded that RU58841 could be used for the treatment of alopecia and hair loss.

How does RU58841 work?

Man hair loss products work by stopping the 5-alpha reductase. This is the enzyme that’s responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. Since DHT is responsible for inducing male-pattern baldness so stopping DHT production helps bring about hair growth.

But there is an issue with this method. DHT is a hormone that affects the body on a systemic level. As such, reducing it also affects the person on a deeper level. But RU58841 works differently.

Since it is an anti-androgenic product so it counteracts only the DHT effects by inhibiting all the locally present androgen receptors of the hair follicles.

Since the androgen receptors are stopped right at the very root of the hair follicles, so the entire process of hair miniaturization don’t take place.

Takeaway – “Combine RU58841 with Finasteride to Fight Hair Loss both Internally and Externally!”

As such, your hair, then undergoes the normal cycle of growth. Overall, it helps with cellular recovery too, since the damaged follicles can go back to being in the anagen phase.

RU58841 doesn’t inhibit the 5-alpha reductase as a result of the androgen conversions. So the androgen levels of DHT and Testosterone aren’t affected. But do note that this doesn’t make RU58841 a miracle hair loss product. After all, more studies need to be done to confirm and back up these claims.

Has any study been done to back up the RU58841 claims?

Researchers named Uno and others studied the effects of a couple of different anti-androgens on follicular growth as well as the serum levels too of DHT and testosterone. For this, they used RU58841 and oral Finasteride products.

The researchers selected 20 bald macaques to carry out their experiments on. During the study, RU58841 was applied topically on 10 macaques whereas oral finasteride was given in quantities of 1mg/day to the rest 10 macaques. Skin biopsies of the monkey’s hair follicles got done at various periods.

When it came to the Finasteride, samples were taken during 0-6 months, whereas for RU58841, the samples were taken at 0-4 months.

The researchers discovered that the anagen follicles, as well as the vellus follicles in the RU58841 group, depicted 103% improvement. On the other hand, the Finasteride samples showed 88% improvement. So within a shorter period, RU58841 was able to give better results than Finasteride.

Apart from this, the levels concerning DHT and testosterone were also tested. In those results, Finasteride showed less DHT levels and improved testosterone levels. Whereas, RU58841 didn’t show any major sign of changes in the testosterone and DHT levels.

So, it was ultimately concluded that blocking the androgen receptors was more useful than entirely targeting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme for stopping the DHT as well as testosterone-induced hair loss.

Were any more studies done?

The above study showed extremely promising results so the researchers wanted to test the effectiveness of RU58841 more.

For this, they again used 20 bald macaques, but now they split them into 5 distinct groups. The first 4 groups were given RU58841 in different quantities whereas the last group was given a placebo. The 4 groups were administered RU58841 in dosages of 5, 3, then 1, and then 0.5% of dosages.

The researchers topically applied the RU58841 solutions once every day for 6 months. Also, note that these were all applied topically. But the researchers wanted more concrete results.

So 3 macaques were taken from each of the groups and they were administered the solution for one to two years. Note that three monkeys were also taken from the placebo group.

The results of this experiment showed that the group which has been given 5% RU58841 showed improvement in all the areas including the thickness, density, as well as length of the hair in about 3 months into the treatment.

During the 5th month mark, it was observed that the scalp follicles improved by two or three folds. Along with this, it was also discovered that there was an improvement in follicles present in the anagen phases.

Also, while all groups showed an improvement, but the group where 5% RU58841 solution was applied showed the most growth. The groups where 1% and 0.5% of RU58841 was applied showed the least improvement. Of course, the placebo group showed no effect and remained unchanged.

The 3 macaques from the 5% RU58841 group that were taken for a year or more for research showed long-term progressive follicular and hair growth. This took place for about 3-7 months. As such, this seems to show that the hair growth happened in the anagen state which lasted for about 6 months, as it does in any normal human.

How long does it take for RU58841 to work?

The above studies show that RU58841 is a very effective product when it comes to stopping hair loss and improving hair growth.

Hair loss will halt at 3 months and hair follicles will grow to their terminal size during this period. By 6 months you will be able to see noticeable growth. If you continue to use the product for two years, then you will see further hair growth.

RU58841 is a great product for treating hair loss issues. Know that you will be able to see results within 6 months and prolonged use will ensure better growth. However, you should note that you might experience some side effects of using this product.

For example, you might feel dizzy, have a headache, experience fatigue and low libido, feel chest pains, and have erectile dysfunction. Not to mention that there might be skin irritation as well. So you need to keep both the positive effects and the side effects in mind while using this product.



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