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How to Increase Blood Circulation in Hair Follicles?

People usually switch their hair oils, shampoos, and other hair products when they experience hair fall. Such changes do not help when hair fall is occurring due to poor blood circulation. A better cure is needed to stop hair fall and induce new hair growth.

Many people don’t even know that poor blood circulation can cause hair loss. It is way more important than you have ever imagined!

You can reduce hair loss and increase new hair growth if you improve blood circulation in the scalp. There are many effective ways to do that. The most effective ones are explained in this post.

The role of blood flow in hair growth

The hair growth cycle completes in four stages. Anagen is the first stage of the cycle in which hair follicles occur and grow. There will be more hair on your scalp if the Anagen and Catagen (transition) stages last longer than Exogen (hair shedding stage).

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Blood flow plays a crucial role in increasing new hair follicles and hair growth. More nutrients and oxygen is supplied to hairs during the Anagen stage with blood.

Researchers have conducted many studies to assess the relationship between hair growth and blood flow. Their studies revealed that more blood flow results in better health and growth of hairs.

You will find many studies supporting this claim. Therefore, it is important to increase the blood flow in your scalp to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth.

Cosmetic products might not offer the required aid! Therefore, you should try the following solutions to increase blood circulation in hair follicles.

  • Try Collagen Induction Therapy or Microneedling

A simple and effective way to increase blood flow in the scalp is microneedling. Get a derma roller that contains numerous sharp needles. These needles will penetrate the outer layer of your scalp skin and cause microscopic wounds. These wounds won’t hurt but slow down hair fall!

This process is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, performed mainly to slow down the aging process. Our body starts healing tiny wounds and increases blood circulation in the scalp to produce more collagen.

Blood carries more oxygen and nutrients in the scalp. Hair follicles gain essential nutrients to grow faster. Increased collagen also makes hair roots stronger and thus it reduces hair fall.

  • Inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is another simple and effective way of increasing blood flow in the scalp. You can use an inversion table to try this therapy at home. The inversion table will cost a considerable amount of money, but it is safe and effective.

You can also try other methods, such as hanging yourself upside down on a firm bar. It is risky though! Try the shirshashan, which is an effective yogasana.

Thus, blood flow will increase towards your scalp. Your hairs will gain all the essential nutrients to maintain a firm grip on the scalp. Inversion therapy will also help you in curing back pain. That’s why you must try it!

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  • Get a head massage

Head massage is a great way to relieve mental stress, feel relaxed, and increase blood circulation in the scalp. Find a massage parlor in your area, which provides a relaxing head massage.

The masseuse might use a massager or his/her hands to massage your scalp. It will be a relaxing experience for you. This treatment will also result in increased blood flow in the scalp.

So, book an appointment in your local massage parlor or spa. Pick an effective head massage and enjoy it. You can also get the head massage at home if you know the right technique and save your money!

  • Brush your hairs daily

Combs and hairbrushes become rarely used things as we grow older. Most of the men and women use their hands to set the hair. Even though it helps greatly in styling hairs, your fingers don’t work to increase blood circulation.

Use a hairbrush twice a day to stimulate the capillaries. It will certainly increase the blood flow in your scalp.

Women should go gentle with brushes. First, use your hands to detangle the hairs and then use the hairbrush. Thus, you won’t pull loose hairs while brushing the scalp.

Hair fall experts believe that you should use the hairbrush at least 3 times a day. Apply enough pressure to stimulate the capillaries. Use a comb if hairbrush causes excess hair fall.
  • Take a cold bath

Can a cold bath or cold shower increase the blood flow in the scalp? Yes, it does and that’s another benefit of taking a cold shower.

Blood circulation increases towards your scalp as you pour cold water on your head. That’s how your body maintains an ideal body temperature. More blood reaches the scalp with more oxygen and nutrients.

You should avoid warm water as much as possible. Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. It will play a crucial role in preventing hair fall!

  • Use essential oils

Home remedy experts suggest the use of essential oils to increase blood circulation in the scalp. You can try thyme, lavender, cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint oils to increase the blood flow.

Along with increasing blood circulation, essential oils also treat microbial infections. Your scalp will be clean and thus the chances of hair fall will reduce.

The best way to apply essential oil is by mixing it with regular hair oil. Prepare a blend of your favorite essential oil with olive oil or coconut oil. Massage your scalp with this blend to your scalp and then wash it after 30 minutes. You will feel relaxed and fresh.

  • Apply raw onion juice to the scalp

Both men and women have used raw onion juice to promote hair growth since ancient time. It contains flavonoid antioxidants which fight free radicals to reduce oxidative stress. It also increases blood circulation in the applied area!

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So, use your juicer grinder to prepare onion juice and apply it over your scalp. Wash your scalp with cold water after 30 minutes. Try this treatment three times a week to get the best results.

Final thoughts

There are many other ways to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Every effective method helps in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.

The use of hair remedies increased in western countries. Men and women have relied on such remedies for many centuries in the eastern countries. Therefore, they often succeed in reversing the hair fall problem.

You should also try the suggested methods with a hair fall remedy. Methods like Microneedling and head massage will keep you relaxed. These cures will reduce hair fall and you will also experience hair growth. So, try the suggested solutions to make your hairs dense and attractive.



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