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How to use Derma Roller for Hair Growth?

A derma roller is a small roller that contains several microneedles. The size of needles varies between 0.5mm and 3mm in length. It was an acne scar healing device in the past, but now it is used for hair growth.

Some scientists found that micro-wounds created by derma roller can rapidly increase collagen production. The most recent clinical studies reveal that derma-rolling can also prevent hair loss.

It is good news for individuals facing hair loss and hair thinning issues. This small device can restore the denser appeal of your hair if you use it properly. Continue reading to learn how to use a derma roller for hair growth.

How does derma roller prevent hair thinning?

A derma roller creates tiny wounds on the outer layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production. It works in a similar fashion to induce hair growth. It creates micro-wounds over the scalp skin to improve blood circulation. Increased blood circulation leads to new hair growth.

This device follows the micro-needling principle to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair thinning. Health experts and scientists have studied this process for a long time. Many studies revealed that derma roller, dermapen, and dermastamp can induce new hair growth.

A study was conducted in 2012 to assess the micro-needling treatment’s role in skin cell proliferation. The researchers concluded that this process can be helpful in treating scars, wounds, hyperpigmentation, and growing new hair. You can crosscheck the facts online!

The user experiences inflammation, proliferation, and then maturation of wounds after using a derma roller. That’s how our body heals wounds naturally.

This device does not cause significant damage to your skin. Its needles reach a certain depth to stimulate blood circulation. The healing process initiates immediately in your skin cells. More blood is supplied to the scalp, which reduces androgen blockers, and new hair follicles emerge.

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How to use the derma roller at home?

If you do not want an expert’s help, you can buy and use a derma roller at home. Follow the below-explained steps to properly complete the procedure.

  • Assess your scalp and find areas affected the most by hair thinning.
  • Place the derma roller over that area and then roll it back and forth slowly.
  • You should roll it horizontally a few times and then roll vertically.
  • Make sure you cover the entire affected area. Slowly increase the pressure to get the best penetration. It will feel like tingling or prickling, but it won’t hurt you at all!
  • Treat one spot at a time and then switch to other areas.

It will be daunting to move the derma roller perfectly if you have long hair. One solution to this problem is moving the roller in towards hair strands. Stop rolling it if your hairs tangle around the needles.

Men should try this treatment after trimming their scalp. Thus, it will be much easier to find the most affected spots and treat them.

Do not forget to clean the roller after each session! Place it into an alcoholic solution to disinfect needles and then let it dry in the air. Store the roller in its protective case to keep it clean and sanitized.

The scalp may feel a little itchy after Microneedling. You can apply coconut oil or castor oil to treat the itching. These oils not only prevent itching but also aid in hair growth.

Does Increased collagen production aid in hair growth?

Collagen is the key component of connective tissue. Its production increases as you run a derma roller over different parts of your scalp. Collagen is a type of protein and it makes almost 35% of the whole body protein.

Increased collagen production ensures there will be more collagen around the hair follicle bulb. It will thicken with time and grab hair roots tightly during the growth stage. Thus, less hair will fall and new hair will grow naturally.

Increased collagen content slows down the anagen stage, which is the growth stage of human hair. Very few hairs reach the shedding stage and you lose less number of hairs every day.

Essentially, collagen prevents hair fall by strengthening the root of the grown hairs. It benefits you by making your hairs denser and stronger.

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Should you opt for in-clinic derma rolling or micro-needling?

Many people have never heard about micro-needling or derma rollers. It is a new thing for them. Being a penetrative treatment, micro-needling scares some people. They research on how it works and how beneficial it is. However, they want an expert’s aid for the first time.

If it is the case with you, then you should consult with an expert. Find a reliable clinic that offers micro-needling treatment.

You should choose a highly skilled and trained professional. He/she will use larger needles and a heavy roller to cause micro-wounds in your scalp. It may hurt a little bit, but you will experience quick results.

Professionals can easily treat hard-to-reach areas and needle those areas perfectly. Thus, collagen production will increase evenly across the scalp. This procedure will also induce blood circulation and aid in quick hair growth.

How to pick the best derma roller?

Many brands are producing derma rollers for in-house micro-needling treatment. These rollers vary in designs and size.

Titanium and stainless-steel derma rollers are safe and easy to clean. Check their needle size carefully before you place the order. A roller with 0.25-0.5 needle size is perfect for the beginners.

The derma roller should move freely. Hairs will tangle around the roller, but it shouldn’t be tough to remove tangled hairs. Assess these simple things and you will get the best derma roller for in-house micro-needling.

Is Dermaroller safe?

Derma rollers are designed specifically to treat skin issues. These devices go gentle on your skin to prevent pain. It feels like tingling when a roller runs over your scalp. Therefore, it is safe and quite helpful.

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Final thoughts:

You have learnt about micro-needling and how derma rollers encourage new hair growth. Get this device now if you also want to prevent male pattern baldness.

This device can prevent hair thinning, induce new hair growth, and make you look attractive once again. Combine micro-needling with other hair loss treatments, such as castor oil home remedies and the results will be awesome.

Many people have experienced quick benefits of this hair fall treatment. You should also give it a try!



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