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How to use Microneedling for Hair Regrowth?

Hair loss has turned out to be one of the most concerning issues for both men and women. About 30% of women experience hair loss in their 30s and 40s. This problem is worse in men!

About 25% of all the men experience hair loss in their 20s. About 85% of all the men experience hair fall by the age of 50 years! Millions of men are facing male pattern baldness problem nowadays. A cure is needed to ensure every person can maintain an essential feature of his/her personality.

Microneedling has emerged as a promising solution. What is this procedure and how does it work? Continue reading to reveal important details about this procedure.

What is Microneedling?

It is Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT, which is commonly referred to as Microneedling nowadays. This therapy involves a derma roller which causes micro-wounds to the outer layer of our skin.

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Microneedling has become a renowned cosmetic procedure nowadays. Many people take this treatment to eliminate aging signs from their face. It is also believed to be an effective solution for curing acne, scarring, and several skin imperfections.

Some recent studies reveal that Microneedling can also aid in new hair growth. It has shown promising results. That’s why you also want to try this cure to make your hair dense and attractive!

Does Microneedling really work to induce hair growth?

Many people have stopped taking hair loss cures seriously now. Hundreds of experts come up with hundreds of different solutions. Some solutions work for some individuals and some solutions don’t work at all!

Is microneedling one of those ineffective solutions? No! This cure has helped many men and women in regaining denser look of their hairs. It works and it is quite a simple treatment to prevent hair fall.

This procedure requires you to make tiny, pin-prick type wounds in the outermost layer of the skin. There won’t be any bleeding, but the skin will turn red if you apply the right pressure.

Tiny wounds caused during the treatment initiate a quick healing process. More collagen is produced during the healing process and new skin cells are also formed.

Even though some people know microneedling is effective, they avoid it due to the fear of scarring their skin. There won’t be any scars on your skin! Scars appear on our skin only when the damaging object reaches certain depths in the skin.

Microneedling does not cause that deep wound. It only turns your skin into reddish skin because of increased blood circulation. More collagen is produced which grips more strongly around hair roots. Increased blood circulation also results in stronger and more flexible hairs.

Can microneedling cure male pattern baldness?

Many studies support the claim that microneedling can treat male pattern baldness issue. Studies were basically conducted to assess the effectiveness of this procedure against alopecia.

Researchers had invited 100 men to participate in a study in 2013. 50 candidates were treated with minoxidil and the remaining 50 with minoxidil and microneedling. The second group of men experienced better results than in the first group.

Microneedling helped participants in reversing hair loss process effectively. Minoxidil blocked androgen hormone and microneedling induced new hair growth. Thus, patients got their lost hairs back!

It is up to you that whether you want to try minoxidil and microneedling combination or just microneedling. This procedure actually works and it is quite simple!

No serious side-effects and no need to worry about the budget. You can take this treatment at home and experience positive outcomes in a month.

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Should you consult with a microneedling expert?

It is not mandatory to consult with a professional. You can take the collagen induction therapy at home. However, the beginners may find microneedling procedure daunting due to no prior experience.

Many aestheticians, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons offer microneedling treatment. Find a reliable clinic in your area and schedule an appointment. The professional will use a state-of-the-art tool and his experience to complete the procedure safely.

You will learn how to use the derma roller if you take the treatment once or twice in a few months. Later, you won’t need a professional’s help for this treatment. You can buy a derma roller and use it at home to perform the microneedling therapy at home.

The right way to use microneedling for hair growth at home

You will need a microneedling device to start this therapy at home. It can be a dermastamp, a derma roller, or a dermapen. Derma roller is easy to use and therefore you should also consider this tool.

Professionals also use top-quality derma roller to provide this therapy. This tool is safe and it does not cause any kind of skin issue if used perfectly.

Men should trim their scalp to get the best outcome. Hold the roller at the edge of the most affected area and then roll it over that area. Roll the tool vertically for one or two minutes and then horizontally.

You should use the derma roller once or twice in a week. Let your scalp produce more collagen and new cells to treat tiny wounds. You will observe that your hairs are getting denser and new hairs are appearing on the bald regions.

Many people would like to combine the microneedling treatment with minoxidil treatment. Do not apply both cures together! Skip minoxidil the day you roll the derma roller. Thus, there won’t be any infection on your scalp.

Is there any potential side-effect of microneedling?

Yes, there are a few noticeable side-effects of microneedling. You make intentional wounds over your skin during this treatment. It can cause irritation, tingling, redness, and bruising. Most of the people experience irritation and redness.

Pregnant ladies and people with hemophilia should not use microneedling at home. In-clinic CIT therapy is the best for people, who use blood thinners and other similar medicines.

This treatment does not cause any serious side-effect. You can use lotions or castor oil and coconut oil mixture to treat irritation. This blend will also encourage new hair growth on your scalp!

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Microneedling works for both men and women. This treatment has the potential to cure baldness and regrow new hairs. You should give it a try if other treatments have disappointed you.

Thousands of people have experienced positive results after trying Microneedling therapy. It works much faster than other treatments.

Hair fall experts suggest combining it with other home remedies, like castor oil and minoxidil medication for the best results. You have an opportunity to regain those charming hair. Get a derma roller, try the CIT therapy at home, and then your hairs will become denser and stronger.

It is a simple and reliable solution for male pattern baldness. Try it before you lose more hairs!



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