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Is Hair Loss Reversible?

Hair fall is so common that it doesn’t concern most of the people. People start worrying when they see a bunch of hair on the comb, work desk, and in the bathroom. It alarms them about getting bald and losing an important feature of their personality.

People start searching for hair-fall cures. The market is flooded with products claiming to prevent hair loss. There are hundreds of hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and remedies that claim to promote hair growth.

Do hair fall and hair growth products work? Is hair loss reversible? Continue reading to reveal reliable facts!

How to ensure the hair loss is temporary or permanent?

Hair loss can be a temporary problem. You may experience excessive hair fall due to a disease, scalp problem, or dandruff. It will reduce once the problem is solved and you will regain denser-looking hair.

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Hair loss can be permanent if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Bald spots

If you can spot circular bald spots on your scalp, it is a concerning problem. It’s a sign that hair fall can be permanent. You may have felt itching or inflammation around the bald spots before hairs started falling.

  • Hair thinning

It’s a common sign that you are losing a crucial feature of your personality. Hairs start thinning and reducing at the hairline. You should not ignore this symptom if you want to maintain denser-looking hairs for a long time.

  • Sudden hair loosening

Doctors believe that an emotional or physical shock can cause hair loosening issue. You may see a handful of hairs every time you comb. It may frighten you because it’s an early symptom of permanent hair loss.

  • Full-body hair loss

Certain type of treatments can cause full body hair loss. Chemotherapy is an infamous example, which makes the patient lose his/her hairs. Most of the people get their shiny hairs back once the treatment is over.

What causes hair loss?

Many environmental, biological, and psychological issues cause hair to fall. The particular cause of hair loss can vary for each person. The following hair fall causes are most common though:

  • Hormonal changes

It’s the most common cause of hair fall. Increased production of androgens can block the growth of hair follicles. It is mainly responsible for male pattern baldness. Many people experience hair loss due to excess production of androgens.

  • Genetics

Millions of men lose their hair and experience male pattern baldness due to genetics. It requires excess care to prevent hair fall if there is a history of male pattern baldness in your family.

  • Stress and illness

Stress is a major cause of hair fall in both men and women. Illness, including diabetes, lupus, anemia, iron deficiency, an unhealthy diet, and some other health issues cause hair fall.

  • Trauma

Scalp injuries, surgical scars, scalp skin allergies, and other such issues cause bald spots on the head. Some medicines also contribute to hair thinning. Your surgeon should inform you about the side-effects.

Medicines, such as blood thinners, chemotherapy medicines, blood pressure medicines, and other oral contraceptive medications can cause hair loss.

Do cosmetic products cause hair loss?

Yes, cosmetic products and procedures can make hair fall condition worse for you. Procedures like tight braiding, bleaches, and chemical treatments cause severe damage to your scalp. These procedures can damage hair follicles. Consequently, your hairs become thinner and more fragile.

Hair fall problem caused by cosmetic products does not cause permanent baldness. However, it can cause male pattern baldness. Men should be extra careful when choosing cosmetic procedures!

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Types of hair loss

There are mainly two forms of hair loss, reversible hair loss and irreversible hair loss. Both are explained below:

  • Reversible hair loss

You don’t need an invasive hair restoration cure to reverse certain forms of hair loss. If a person loses hair due to medication, poor diet, or diseases, it can reverse.

Young adults and kids face sudden and uneven hair loss due to alopecia areata. It can also result in total baldness. Natural hairs grow after a few years if you take the right cure to treat the cause of hair loss.

Telogen effluvium is a condition that describes short-term periods of high-volume hair loss. It may make your hairs look quite thin. It can also result in baldness. You regain the lost hair quickly and baldness does not last for a long time.

Hair follicle damage can occur if a person starts pulling his/her hair due to psychological issues. It’s called Trichotillomania and it’s a reversible form of hair loss. The doctors can treat the psychological condition of the patient to prevent further hair loss.

  • Irreversible hair loss

Invasive hair loss treatment becomes necessary when a person is experiencing irreversible hair loss. It is a natural condition, which affects millions of men and women.

Most of the men experience involutional alopecia in which hairs get thinner with age and disappear completely. Even if hairs don’t disappear completely, they don’t appear denser like before.

Androgenic alopecia is another irreversible hair loss condition. Being a genetic problem, it causes male pattern baldness in men. Most of the men face this problem after their 40s, but it can also affect young men in their 20s.

Hairs start disappearing from the crown. The reduced hair line is another sign of male pattern baldness. Hair transplantation is a reliable cure for this problem. Androgen blocking medicines can also work to prevent further hair loss!

Many men and women are facing permanent or irreversible hair loss due to scarring alopecia. Skin issues, such as acne, fungal infections, folliculitis, etc. are mainly responsible for this form of hair loss.

Treatments are available to treat both reversible and irreversible hair loss conditions. You should try home remedies first to assess the improvements. If there is no improvement, you should meet an expert to further evaluate your hair loss problem.

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Final thoughts

Yes, hair loss is reversible if you are experiencing a reversible form of hair loss. It will be tough to regrow the lost hair if you are facing an irreversible form of hair loss.

You should carefully observe the signs of hair loss. Take a healthy diet, use top-quality hair care products, and keep your scalp clean to maintain healthy and denser hair.

You will eventually need a reliable treatment if the hair fall problem is irreversible. Temporary hair fall shouldn’t worry you at all!



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