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Onion Juice Benefits for Hair Growth & How to Use it?

Onions have become a key ingredient in many delicious recipes. People love onion’s taste when mixed with other vegetables. However, its intense smell does not appeal to many people. That’s why millions of people do not know about onion juice’s hair growth benefits.

It is used as a reliable cure to improve hair health for a long time. This natural remedy not only prevents hair fall but also promotes hair growth.

Should you try it to treat the hair fall problem? Yes, you must try it. Continue reading to reveal why onion juice is an ideal cure for hair fall. Its hair growth properties will surprise you!

Does onion juice really work to prevent hair loss?

Onion juice can prevent hair fall in certain cases. It also contains nutrients that restore the natural lustre of hairs. People have used as the most trusted remedy to prevent premature greying of hair. It provides the following benefits as a side-effect-free remedy:

  • It can cure itchy, dry, and inflamed scalp
  • Useful in alopecia treatment
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Removes dandruff
  • Makes hair thicker
  • Prevents premature graying
  • Moisturizes dry hair
  • Prevents scalp infection

The list of onion juice benefits for hair would be quite long. Different users claim different benefits. The above-listed benefits are the most common ones. You may also find some new benefits after using onion juice on the scalp. It does not cause any side effect but it improves hair’s health.

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How does onion juice help to prevent hair loss?

Onion juice is a nutrient-rich home remedy. You learn about its health benefits when you explore nutrients it supplies to the scalp. It contains a high quantity of dietary sulfur which is quite essential for good health.

Amino acids are protein components, which contain sulfur. Your body needs sulfur-rich protein to grow strong hair. You get the necessary dose of this nutrient by consuming and apply onion juice.

Suppose you apply onion juice to the scalp, it will receive ample sulfur to make your hairs strong and thick. The chances of hair loss will reduce and your hairs will grow much faster.

Sulfur also aids in increasing collagen production. There will be more healthy skin cells in the scalp if there is more collagen. Those healthy cells will promote hair growth and make hair roots stronger.

Experts also believe that onion juice can increase blood circulation in the scalp. More blood reaches to hair follicles and it brings more nutrients and oxygen to follicles. As a result, hair follicles get ample nourishment to make hairs stronger and flexible.

All the onion juice hair growth benefits may just seem unreliable if there are no clinical studies to back these claims. A study was conducted in 2002 to understand how onion juice prevents hair fall.

Candidates, who applied onion juice to their scalp, experienced better hair growth. Candidates, who used no onion juice, experienced no benefits at all. This ingredient works quite better for men than women. Therefore, men should use it to prevent hair thinning!

If you are wondering the 2002 study is a decade old, there are numerous new studies supporting onion juice hair loss claims. Open your web browser and you can check the results of those studies.

Researchers test various onion juice hair loss remedies. It also works great if applied alone. However, its effectiveness increases with other ingredients, such as castor oil.

There is no proof that onion juice can aid to regrow hairs on the bald regions of the scalp. It only aids in keeping the existing hairs strong, thicker, flexible, and shiny.

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How to use onion juice at home?

You can’t follow the same onion juice remedy to get all the listed benefits. It works effectively if you use it in the right way. Follow the below-given tips to use onion juice for better health of your hairs.

  • How to apply it to stimulate hair growth?

The Journal of product Delivery and Therapeutics had featured a study in 2018. It was conducted to assess onion juice’s ability to promote hair growth. The results impressed many readers because onion juice worked quite well to induce hair growth.

Researchers even produced an onion juice-based shampoo to help people. You can prepare it at home. Get 100 grams onions, cut them into slices, and then prepare their juice. Filter the juice and blend a few drops of castor, coconut, and eucalyptus oil.

The shampoo is ready to treat hair thinning problem. Massage your scalp with this shampoo and let it dry. Wash your hair with tap water and the job is done. Onion smell may irritate you for a while but this shampoo won’t cause any skin issues or scalp irritation.

  • Applying onion juice to prevent premature graying

You may have seen many kids and teenager, who have grey hair. All the hair follicles contain pigment cells. These cells produce melanin that offers natural colour to the hairs. Premature graying occurs when hair follicles stop producing melanin.

Onion juice is believed to stimulate the production of melanin in hair follicles. It provides an enzyme, known as catalase, to prevent premature graying. This enzyme is an antioxidant, which causes a significant reduction in hydrogen peroxide at hair roots. This process is believed to restore natural pigment of hairs.

You should take 3tsp onion juice in a bowl and blend it with 2tsp onion juice. Apply this solution to your scalp daily. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash your scalp. You can use a mild shampoo to prevent intense onion odor. It will help you in reversing the premature greying process.

  • Onion juice to treat alopecia

A study was conducted in 2014 to test whether onion juice can treat alopecia or not. 38 candidates volunteered in this study. A group of participants applied onion juice two times in a day to their scalp.

The study was conducted for 6 weeks. About 86.9% of the onion juice users have experienced better hair growth. As a result, onion juice was believed to be helpful in alopecia treatment.

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  • Onion juice to control the dandruff issue

Onion juice is an antifungal and antimicrobial ingredient. Therefore, it is widely used to treat the infection.

Dandruff accumulates in our scalp due to Malassezia furfur fungus. Onion juice can remove this fungus and help you in controlling the dandruff problem.

It may not be possible to find research supporting this claim because onion juice is mostly assessed for its hair fall prevention properties. However, its antifungal properties make it a natural cure for dandruff.

Get 2tbsp onion juice and soak 2tbsp fenugreek seeds in it. Now prepare a paste of both ingredients and apply this paste to your scalp. Let it dry and then wash it with tap water. Apply this cure 3-4 times in a week and there will be no dandruff on your scalp!

Final thoughts

Onion juice is a scientifically proven herbal remedy for hair loss. It also stimulates hair growth. It keeps your hairs strong, shiny, flexible, and denser. Therefore, you must apply onion juice home remedies on your scalp to maintain strong and shiny hair.

It works great for both men and women. It will take just a few minutes to prepare an onion juice home remedy. So, try it today!



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