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Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss – Does it Work?

Saw Palmetto! Hair fall is a natural process. You lose about 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. Does it mean you are facing the hair fall issue? No! It is common among all human beings!

It is a serious problem if you are losing a lot more hair every day. Your denser hair will become thinner. You may not try certain hairstyles and your looks will change. Such changes frighten most of us and then we start looking for an effective cure for hair fall.

Hence hair fall became a troubling issue, many cosmetic brands, supplement producers, and health experts started offering solutions. They started cashing on people’s worries and most of their solutions did not work at all!

People eventually turned towards natural remedies. Many herbal hair loss cures emerged within the last few decades. Saw Palmetto is one of them. Can saw palmetto prevent hair loss? Continue reading to reveal some factual answers!

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Saw Palmetto as a hair fall remedy

Serenoa Repens or saw palmetto is a palm tree. It is found in the USA, but this plant is native to West Indies. Natives used it as a herbal remedy for several problems.

People believe it can prevent hair fall. Even though such claims lack scientific backing, Saw Palmetto continues to be a popular hair fall remedy.

Most of the people try hair oils, shampoos, medications, and surgeries to make their hairs dense and fuller again. Some of these treatments work, but those treatments aren’t free of side effects! Saw Palmetto seems a great alternative because it has no side effects.

Americans have used saw palmetto berries for many ages as home remedies. This plant has been a natural cure for bladder infections, prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, and decreased sex drive.

Saw palmetto’s hair fall cure claims don’t have enough scientific backing due to the lack of research. It has shown some promising results though.

Saw palmetto berries can be effective against 5-alpha-reductase (5AR). The 5AR is an infamous enzyme that turns testosterone into DHT. Most of you may know that DHT can play a role in increased hair fall.

DHT also causes prostate enlargement and saw palmetto has shown great results to cure prostate enlargement. Experts believe it can also prevent hair fall by blocking DHT production in your body.

One research was conducted on saw palmetto’s hair fall benefits. All the participants, who used this herbal remedy, have experienced hair growth. It took four months of treatment and their hair count was increased by 11.9%.

How to take/use saw palmetto for hair growth?

Saw palmetto is available in several forms of home remedy. You can take it as a supplement or apply it as a hair care product. The choice is yours. Many brands also use it as a key ingredient in their shampoos and hair conditioners.

This herbal remedy still lacks scientific backing. Therefore, there is no right dose for it and you have to rely completely on the instructions given on the wrapper.

Some experts suggest that you should take two 160mg saw palmetto tablets daily to experience positive results.

This supplement may not be easily available at local product stores. You can find and buy it online. Go to buyer reviews to ensure you are choosing a genuine product. A poor quality supplement can cause severe side-effects, so be careful.

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Potential side-effects of saw palmetto

Home remedies like saw palmetto are safer alternatives to surgical procedures and medications. However, these remedies can also have certain side-effects.

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should not use this remedy. It is also not a suitable hair loss cure for children. Its intake may cause stomach pain and headache. Experts suggest consuming saw palmetto supplement with food to avoid a stomach ache.

This herbal remedy is also famous for blood thinning. Therefore, its intake can cause excessive blood loss during surgical treatment. You should inform your doctor about the intake of saw palmetto supplement if you are suffering from a chronic disease.

You should avoid this home remedy if you are already taking blood-thinning medications. Its side-effects can be severe if you take this herbal remedy with aspirin and other prescription products.

Quit the use of finasteride if you are switching to a saw palmetto supplement. Both medicines work similarly and both are used as an enlarged prostate cure. Saw palmetto can reduce the effectiveness of other medications. Therefore, you should avoid it if you are taking other medications.


What is the best way to take saw palmetto?

Saw palmetto is a key ingredient in several shampoos and hair care products. It might not be quite effective as an external cure. Therefore, you should use this herbal remedy as an ingestive supplement.

Suppose you use a saw palmetto shampoo, it will not stay on your scalp forever. You will rinse it within a few minutes and won’t get adequate help to cure hair fall. Apply the shampoo and leave it until it dries to get the best results as an external cure.

Saw palmetto’s effectiveness also depends on the hair growth cycle. All the hairs on your scalp are in different stages of the growth cycle. Each stage lasts for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, every person does not experience the same result after the intake of this supplement.

It may take up to six months to show positive results. Stress, poor gut health, and toxicity can also reduce saw palmetto’s effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to take a healthy diet and stay fit to experience positive outcomes faster.

Who should use saw palmetto as a hair loss remedy?

As mentioned in the side-effects section, saw palmetto is not a suitable hair fall remedy for every person. You should consult with a dermatologist to find out the root cause of hair fall.

If you are experiencing hair fall due to increased DHT production, saw palmetto can be helpful. If this problem is occurring due to other reasons, saw palmetto may not be the right cure.

You can treat the hair fall issue much faster if you use a product to cure the root cause of the issue. So, find the main reason behind hair fall and use this supplement if it treats the main issue.

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Final thought

Be patient when trying a new hair fall remedy. There is no magical cure for this problem. It takes time to prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Even surgical treatments take time, which works quite effectively.

Saw palmetto may take 4-6 months to restore denseness of your hair. Beware of its side-effects and avoid it if you aren’t a suitable candidate for this herbal hair loss remedy!



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